Lydia's Lechon Quezon City, Inc. (LLQCI)is a chain of freestanding, in-line food and shopping plaza as well as mall restaurants which caters an almost exclusively native Filipino cuisine to patrons. Its core product is the iconic Lechon (roasted pigs) identified with the Philippines' world renowned festive culture. The LLQCI is a 100% Filipino owned corporation. We are searching for aggressive and self-driven entrepreneurs who might be looking for another portfolio to add in their multi-unit food service business or a start-up professional.


Franchise Support

Lydia's Lechon Core Support Group provides industry-compliant support for our franchisees. Everything from site acceptance to training to marketing support is just a phone call away. Further, we continue to develop and implement many in-house operations innovations to deliver our delicious Cebu Style lechon and our premium boneless stuffed lechon and other native cuisine offerings to our customers more efficiently than ever before. We continuously evaluate our systems, from back to office production and point-of-sale just to provide our franchisees the best programs available to support their restaurant operations.

Standardized food preparation and commissary food safety policies ensure customers' palate expectations. Our commissary is adequately equipped with state of the art kitchen industrial modular equipments and logistically capable of delivering your store needs in time without comprising its quality. On top of it all you will be sharing the advantage of operating a food service establishment which goodwill has become synonymous to premium lechon.


Location Approval

LLQC which is currently in a very aggressive expansion thrust emphasizes the relevance of submitting the particulars of potential sites of interested business partners. We at Lydia's Lechon recognize this and encourage you to submit potential sites for our consideration. Please complete the required fields on the form and your submittal will be forwarded to the appropriate Marketing Professionals. Thank you for your interest in our company and we look forward to receiving your submittals.

Download Form Submit Form


Download Form Submit Form


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